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17th January 2013

Honorary Fellow Robert Gordon Robertson (1938, Jurisprudence), PC CC FRSC, has passed away.

Ashley Cooper (2010, Medical Sciences) was interviewed on Oxfordshire radio station Jack FM recently, championing the merits of quidditch for a fun work-out.

Quidditch is best known as the sport of witches and wizards in the fantasy world of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter books. Competitors fly on broomsticks, trying to score points by catching an enchanted flying ball called a snitch or by firing a larger ball, the quaffle, through hoops.

Quidditch in our own world, says Mr Cooper, is played at the University Parks and all around the world. Broomsticks are still compulsory. Mr Cooper described the sport as a cross between rugby and dodgeball that provides such a work-out as to tire people within five minutes.

The interview is available to listen to onĀ YouTube.

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