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06th November 2018

How will the automation of jobs likely progress?

How will the automation of jobs likely progress? That is the question that a new podcast featuring Exeter College Official Fellow in Engineering Science, Professor Michael Osborne, asks.

Future Makers is a new podcast series from the University of Oxford. In its first week, it flew to the top of the chart as the number one technology podcast in the UK. Providing an opportunity to hear Oxford academics debate key issues, the podcast series will explore Artificial Intelligence (AI), including how it relates to our health, finance and jobs.

In 2013 Professor Osborne and Dr Carl Benedikt Frey published a paper on their research at the Oxford Martin School, which showed that nearly half of jobs in the USA could be susceptible to computerisation over the next 20 years. Since then, numerous studies have emerged, arriving at very different conclusions. In this edition of Future Makers philosopher Peter Millican talks to Professor Osborne to understand why these estimates diverge, and where the automation of jobs might be heading.

To listen to the podcast click on the link below.

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