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16th December 2019

Jessica Abele (2019, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics) scores in the Varsity Rugby Match

Exeter DPhil student Jessica Abele represented Oxford in the Women’s Varsity Rugby Match earlier this month, scoring Oxford’s only try of the game. Sadly Oxford, who led for most of the match, eventually lost 5-8, with Cambridge scoring a vital try in the late stages of the game. The result means that Cambridge close the gap on Oxford, who have won 19 matches compared to Cambridge’s 14 since the first Women’s Varsity Match in 1988.

This was not Jessica’s first Varsity game. In 2018 she represented Cambridge, coming on as a substitute and helping Cambridge to win, also by a score of 5-8.

To read a full write-up of the 2019 match click here.

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