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18th February 2015

John Walter (1998, Fine Art) exhibits Alien Sex Club

British artist John Walter (1998, Fine Art) is creating a multimedia project for exhibition in London and Liverpool, called Alien Sex Club.

Alien Sex Club will explore the relationship between visual culture and HIV today, bringing together works that address the complex subject of contemporary sexual health.

The exhibition will consist of a large-scale installation based on the shapes of cruise mazes, found in sex clubs and gay saunas. It will comprise sculpture, painting, video, performance and installation. Visitors will be immersed in a multi-sensory world in which they can watch videos and live performances, get lost in the maze and have food and drink in the performance bar.

Alien Sex Club will use popular forms including hospitality, fortune-telling, comedy and the aesthetic of carnivals and festivals to introduce issues to a wide audience and make the subject palatable, interesting and fun, while grounding it in cross-disciplinary research.

Further details including dates and locations of the exhibitions can be found at

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