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11th May 2012

Kingdom of Redonda Literary Prize 2012 awarded to Philip Pullman (1965, English)

Philip Pullman (1965, English) has been awarded the Kingdom of Redonda Literary Prize for 2012.

The prize is one of the more unusual literary prizes, and one might say prestigious, coming as it does from the imaginary Caribbean island of Redonda. In recognition of his literary achievements Mr Pullman has been made a Duke by HRH King Xavier I, and has taken the title Duke of Cittàgazze after the thief-riddled citadel in the second volume of the His Dark Materials trilogy.

On receiving the prize Mr Pullman said, “I’m delighted to be ‘enduked’. The prize was a rare and wonderful surprise, and I intend to live up to the proper splendour and dignity of a Duke of the imaginary kingdom of Redonda.

“I have always felt that I was one of nature’s aristocrats, and now I have the title to prove it. Coronet, regalia, robes, etc, will soon find a place in my wardrobe.”

Mr Pullman added that he chose the title of Duke of Cittàgazze principally for reasons of euphony, but also “in acknowledgement of the thefts that all writers commit every day, we being creatures of the jackdaw or magpie class.”

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