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28th May 2006 Rachael Kilner

Lord Sainsbury at Exeter College

On Friday 26th May, Lord Sainsbury, Minister for Science and Innovation, gave a thought provoking and fascinating insight into his role within government and the areas he has been involved with throughout the eight years held in this position. The discussion included information on a broad array of topics including: energy resources, GM food, the teaching of science and, the highly controversial subject in Oxford, of animal rights protesters.

Lord Sainsbury was open to questions on both general political issues and his associated areas within government and evoked a lively debate on the communication between basic science and applied science and the problems, and possible solutions, of improving the relationship between the two fields in order for further progression in both disciplines. Lord Sainsbury gave a highly interesting and informing speech which illustrated and discussed many of the past, present and future issues involved in science.

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