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14th January 2021 Costi Levy (2019, Philosophy and Spanish)

Mark Chatterton (1976, Theology) publishes two books

Britain’s Road Tunnels and Parkway Railway Stations, by Exeter alumnus Mark Chatterton (1976, Theology), have just been published.

‘Britain’s Road Tunnels has been inspired by going through the Mersey tunnel as a child’, Chatterton comments. Chatterton’s childhood experiences of tunnels have grown into a keen interest in the history and engineering of road tunnels. Over the past decade he has travelled extensively all over Great Britain, researching and photographing Britain’s road tunnels for his new book. Britain’s Road Tunnels contains entries and photographs of all of Britain’s known road tunnels, from Attadale in north-west Scotland down to Samphire Hoe in Kent.

Chatterton’s second book, Parkway Railway Stations, is set for publication on 20 January 2021. The first Parkway railway station opened in Bristol in 1972, with the aim of keeping cars out of town centres and off motorways. Since then, 20 other Parkway railway stations have opened. In his book Chatterton profiles each station, examining its location, facilities and history.

You can purchase Britain’s Road Tunnels here.

To purchase Parkway Railway Stations click here.


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