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24th March 2017

Michael Frankl (1972, Modern Languages) takes part in Brain of Britain

Exeter alumnus Michael Frankl (1972, Modern Languages) has taken part in BBC Radio 4’s Brain of Britain. The show tests the general knowledge of contestants from across the UK and is extremely competitive. The prize for the ultimate winner is a silver salver and the title, Brain of Britain.

Mr Frankl is an enthusiast of quizzes. He has twice before entered Brain of Britain, in 2006 and in 2012, reaching the semi-final in 2012. He has also taken part in the BBC’s Mastermind and Channel 4’s Fifteen to One.

You can listen to Mr Frankl compete in Brain of Britain on BBC Radio 4 on Monday, 27 March at 3 pm. The episode will be repeated on Saturday, 1 April at 11 pm and will also be available on the BBC website.

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