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13th September 2016

Mirren Kessling (2013, Fine Art) runs solo exhibition at Modern Art Oxford

Exeter alumna Mirren Kessling (2013, Fine Art) has a solo exhibition showing at Modern Art Oxford until 25 September. The exhibition is entitled The Body Can Be Made and Remade.

In Made and Remade Kessling presents a selection of photographs and videos that are traces of a performative exploration into identity. Each work is captured on a digital camera but left unedited to emphasise that the humble objects used alongside the body, such as dust sheets, clay, fabric and paper bags, have been transformed by being fixed in time by the camera or gesture of the body.

The exhibition includes live events, where Kessling explores the lives of clothes by inviting participants to come and share stories about items of clothing they own and let her photograph them in that particular item.

You can read more about the exhibition here.

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