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18th February 2020

New play by Lisa Parry (1998, English) explores theology, doubt and life in the Welsh Valleys

A new play by Exeter alumna Lisa Parry (1998, English) will be performed at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff in October. The Merthyr Stigmatist explores theology, doubt and life in the Welsh Valleys.

Carys, a sixteen-year-old school pupil, claims to have received the stigmata: Christ’s wounds from the Cross. Are her wounds a sign from God? Sian, Carys’s teacher, is not so sure and questions what she sees. What is happening to Carys and why? And why shouldn’t Merthyr be worthy of God’s attention?

The Merthyr Stigmatist will be showing at the Sherman Theatre from 2 to 17 October. To find out more and book tickets visit the Sherman Theatre website.

Poster for a play by Lisa Parry called The Merthyr Stigmatist

Promotional poster for The Merthyr Stigmatist, Sherman Theatre, Cardiff

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