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23rd July 2019 Jessica Lee (2015, English)

Out now: The Oxford Handbook of Publishing by Angus Phillips (1979, PPE)

Angus Phillips (1979, PPE), Director of the Oxford International Centre for Publishing, has recently published The Oxford Handbook of Publishing with Oxford Handbooks (co-edited with Michael Baskar). Mr Phillips is a stalwart leader of the publishing trade; since his position as trade editor at the Oxford University Press he has gone on to deliver lectures, consultancies, and training programmes with international publishers, sits on the European Advisory Board of Princeton University Press and has been a recurring judge on the panel for The Bookseller industry awards. He and Baskar are due to ‘present some thought experiments around the future of publishing’, provoked by their co-editing of this handbook, in London on 6 November (more info here).

Angus Phillips has also been editor (alongside Giles Clark) of Inside Book Publishing, a seminal introduction to the publishing industry, which was revised and re-issued by Routledge in its sixth edition in June of this year. Inside Book Publishing offers an authoritative coverage of the business of book markets, complete with case studies drawing on industry professionals’ insider experiences. It remains, according to the Society of Young Publishers, the ‘definitive book on the industry’.


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