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20th October 2022 Frederick Crichton-Miller (2021, English Literature and Language)

Oxford Preservation Trust Nominates Exeter Porters’ Lodge for Award

The Oxford Preservation Trust (OPT) has recently nominated the refurbishment of the Exeter College Porters’ Lodge for an OPT Small Project Award.

This achievement acknowledges the careful preservation of the Lodge’s beautiful structural identity and aesthetic character. The restoration maintained and drew attention to, in Rector Trainor’s words, the ‘traditional shape of the arched ceiling of the College entrance.’ Not only has the new Porters’ Lodge been improved visually, it now boasts a significantly reduced environmental footprint and a concealed hydraulic lift for wheelchair access. The OTP’s nomination speaks to the consideration and thought that went into the process of refurbishing the Porters’ Lodge.

Running since 1927, the Oxford Preservation Trust is an organisation dedicated to the preservation of Oxford’s history which encourages the city to develop while looking after the best of the past. The OPT describes its goal as creating ‘positive future for our great City,’ caring for acres of land in and around Oxford, and focussing on restoration, sustainability, and growth. Exeter’s Porters’ Lodge epitomises the values of the Oxford Preservation Trust, and we look forward to the Award’s Ceremony in November where the winners will be announced.

Last year’s winners include the Newman Meeting Place in the Church of Saint Mary & Saint Nicholas in Littlemore. The OTP celebrated the transformation of the church into a welcoming and functional community hub.  The OTP reaches far and wide, recording and reviewing numerous nominations each year. We are delighted that Exeter College has been shortlisted for the Small Project Award.

Learn more about the OTP awards here.

Entry in the Front Quad

Iron gates improve security. Right of image: the concealed hydraulic lift

Accessible entrance to Lodge Reception

The concealed hydraulic lift has made the College more accessible

Lodge Reception

The new Porters’ Lodge is brighter and more welcoming, gives Porters a clear line of sight to people entering and leaving College, and is more energy efficient than the old Lodge.

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