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I began my career as a veterinary surgeon, qualifying from the University of Bristol in 2005 and working in mixed practice in rural Devon & Somerset.  In 2007 I came to St Peter’s College to study Graduate Entry Medicine.  I am now an anaesthetic registrar in the Oxford Deanery having completed foundation training in Brighton & London.  In 2016 I came back to Oxford, took time out of clinical training and completed a DPhil at Wadham College with Professor Andrew Farmery and Dr Federico Formenti in the Respiratory Physiology & Biomedical Engineering Group.


My research investigates novel techniques to interrogate cardiorespiratory physiology and looks at the application of those techniques to clinical medicine.  One of these methods uses fluorescence quenching  to measure the partial pressure of oxygen in blood.


Here at Exeter I am responsible for teaching clinical medical students.  Along with the team of Clinical Teaching Associates, we use bedside teaching to prepare students for their examinations and teach them how to interpret and investigate symptoms and signs.

 Selected Publications

 Validating the inspired sinewave technique to measure the volume of the “baby lung” in a porcine lung-injury model. Crockett DC, Tran MC, Formenti F, Cronin JN, Hedenstierna G, Larsson A, Phan PA, Farmery AD. Br J Anaesth 2020; 124: 345-353

Real-time effects of PEEP and tidal volume on regional ventilation and perfusion in experimental lung injury.  Borges JB, Cronin JN, Crockett DC, Hedenstierna G, Larsson A, Formenti F. Intensive Care Med Exp 2020; 8: 10

Mechanical ventilation redistributes blood to poorly ventilated areas in experimental lung injury.  Cronin JN , Crockett DC, Farmery AD, Hedenstierna G, Larsson A, Camporota L, Formenti F. Crit Care Med 2020; 48: 200-208

Dynamic single-slice CT estimates whole-lung dual-energy CT variables in pigs with and without experimental lung injury.  Cronin JN, Borges JB, Crockett DC, Farmery AD, Hedenstierna G, Larsson A, Tran MC, Camporota L, Formenti F.  Intensive Care Med Exp. 2019; 7: 59

Tidal changes in PaO2 and their relationship to cyclical lung recruitment/derecruitment in a porcine lung injury model. Crockett DC, Cronin JN, Bommakanti N, Chen R, Hahn CEW, Hedenstierna G, Larsson A, Farmery AD, Formenti F. Br J Anaesth, 2019; 122: 277-85