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Dr Gideon Elford studied PPE as an undergraduate student at New College. He remained at New College for the duration of his graduate studies and received his DPhil in Political Theory in 2010. He is currently a lecturer in politics at Exeter College, Christ Church and New College.


Dr Elford’s research interests are primarily concerned with questions of distributive justice, with particular emphasis on equality, agency and responsibility. His recent work engages the question of in what respects normative principles are sensitive to facts about human nature.

Selected Publications

  • Equality of Opportunity and Other-Affecting Choice: Why Luck Egalitarianism Does Not Require Brute Luck Equality (Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 2011)
  • Men Who Would Be Kings: Choice, Inequality, and Counterfactual Responsibility (Social Theory and Practice 2012)
  • Equality of Status and Distributive Equality (The Journal of Value Inquiry 2012)
  • Reclaiming Two Concepts of Liberty (Philosophy Politics and Economics, forthcoming)
  • Equality, Choice and Alternatives: Why Reasonable Avoidability Matters (Ethical Perspectives, forthcoming)