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I am Fellow and Tutor in Biochemistry at Exeter. I obtained my first degree in biochemistry from King’s College London, followed by a PhD in biochemistry also from the University of London for research carried out at the Royal Free Hospital Medical School. After three years of postdoctoral work in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Columbia University, New York, I returned to the United Kingdom to take up a position at Oxford University. I have been the Biochemistry Tutor at Exeter College since 1995. I teach most areas of the biochemistry course to Exeter biochemistry students. When not teaching, I carry out research at the Glycobiology Institute in the Department of Biochemistry where I hold the post of Senior Research Fellow. My main research interest is in structure-function analysis of proteins at the molecular and cellular levels. My research career so far has centred on the innate immune response against pathogens, particularly on mammalian proteins that recognise and bind to sugar structures that are characteristic of the surface of micro-organisms.



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