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30th June 2014

Photos from Exeter’s 700th anniversary ball available online

You can now browse and share photos from Exeter College’s 700th anniversary ball – the biggest celebration in the College’s history.

You can view the photos taken by Exeter’s official 700th anniversary ball photographers on the College’s Flickr pages using the links below. You are welcome to download and use these low-resolution images.

To view Jonathan Dunbar’s photographs click here.

To view Hugh Palmer’s photographs click here.

To view Nasir Hamid’s photographs click here.

To view the “megabooth” photos click here.

To view even more photos on Facebook click here!

If you would like high-resolution digital copies or photographic prints of the images taken by Jonathan Dunbar and Hugh Palmer please contact Aileen Thomson (email or call 01865 279619). We are delighted to provide these in return for a small donation to Exeter College. You can purchase Nasir Hamid’s photographs by emailing

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