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12th January 2017

Professor Dame Carol Robinson gives surprise chemistry lesson to eight-year-old fan

Professor Dame Carol Robinson, Royal Society Research Professor and Dr Lee's Professor of Chemistry at Exeter College, surprised an eight-year-old girl recently when she visited her school after receiving a fan letter.

Connie Gordon wrote to Dame Carol after seeing her picture in an exhibition on Frideswide Square, Oxford, telling her that she wants to be a chemist when she grows up and inviting Dame Carol to come to her classroom to speak to the students.

Dame Carol, who was the first female professor of chemistry at Oxford, surprised Connie by visiting her school and giving a lesson in chemistry.

Dame Carol showed the students some chemistry experiments using household items including olive oil, water and vitamin tablets.

Connie said afterwards: “Today has changed me a bit. I’ve realised how chemistry is useful to the world and how it can help people.”

To watch a video clip featuring Connie Gordon and Dame Carol click here.

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