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12th March 2019

Professor Dame Carol Robinson wins Novozymes Prize

Professor Robinson pictured at Exeter College

Professor Dame Carol Robinson, Exeter College Professorial Fellow in Chemistry, will be awarded the Novozymes Prize for 2019. Professor Robinson receives the DKK 3 million prize (approximately £350,000) for her scientific breakthroughs in use of mass spectrometry for proteome analysis. Her methods are widely used in the biotech industry and have contributed to identifying both new protein drugs and new drug targets. DKK 2.5 million of the prize money will be directed towards Professor Robinson’s research, and she also receives a personal award of DKK 0.5 million.

Over the past two decades, Professor Robinson has been one of the main forces behind the development of mass spectrometry from a simple method for measuring the mass of small molecules to an advanced technique for measuring interactions between some of our body’s major macromolecules.

Her research has contributed to improving the understanding of membrane proteins, which play a part in many diseases and conditions, including cancer and schizophrenia.

Professor Robinson is receiving the 2019 Novozymes Prize of DKK 3 million for her unique efforts. The prize is awarded to recognise outstanding research or technology contributions that benefit the development of biotechnological science for innovative solutions.

Professor Robinson said: ‘I am extremely honoured to receive this prestigious award. I read the impressive list of previous recipients before me and am delighted to be joining this group.’

Jens Nielsen, Chair of the Novozymes Prize Committee, said: ‘Carol Robinson almost single-handedly founded a subfield of mass spectrometry proteomics. She is a creative, innovative and fearless researcher and a role model for all scientists. Her unflinching pursuit of the controversial notion has now become a highly productive mainstream. Her methods have contributed to identifying both new protein drugs and new drug target interactions and has led to the development of innovative biotechnological solutions. In all respects, Carol Robinson is a worthy recipient of the 2019 Novozymes Prize.’

Professor Robinson will officially receive the Novozymes Prize at a prize ceremony on 15 March in Bagsværd, Denmark.

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