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01st March 2021 Rosa Chalfen (2019, English)

Professor Das presents new Radio 3 series, Rainsong in Five Senses

Professor Nandini Das (Tutorial Fellow in English at Exeter College) is to present a new programme, Rainsong in Five Senses, on BBC Radio 3.

The programme is part of the long-running radio series The Essay where leading writers across a range of disciplines provide insight into a specific topic. Previous presenters have included renowned playwright Sarah Kosar and writer Toby Litt.

The series will examine stories and personal experiences of rain and examine its cultural importance across the world. Professor Das will present the first episode, entitled India and the Sound of Rain, which will focus on her experiences of rainfall in India, how its culture is informed by the country’s monsoon season and how this has filtered into everything from musical dramas to nursery rhymes. She will then introduce and curate the rest of the series, with each episode focusing on a different location and sense.

Professor Das has recently received an ERC grant for her work creating an online platform for the teaching of empire, identity, race and migration in secondary schools.

India and the Sound of Rain airs on 1 March at 10.45 pm and will be available to listen to online shortly after the broadcast. Find out more about the programme here.

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