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23rd July 2018 Thomas Hunt - (2016, PPE)

Professor Floridi appointed to ethics advisory committees

Professor Luciano Floridi, Professorial Fellow of Exeter College and Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information at the Oxford Internet Institute, has had a remarkable year, which has recently continued with his appointment to two important ethics advisory committees.

He has been appointed as a member of the Council of Europe’s Committee on Human Rights Dimensions of automated data processing and different forms of artificial intelligence. The committee will consider the impact of new forms of artificial intelligence and data processing on individuals’ human rights, with a view towards establishing ethical and legal standards for the use of these technologies.

Professor Floridi will also chair the Ethics Committee of the Machine Intelligence Garage, which is part of a UK government initiative to help startups and support the UK’s role as a global centre for artificial intelligence development.

As an internationally respected expert on the philosophy of information technology and computer ethics, Professor Floridi is well placed to ensure new technologies are governed by the right ethical and legal standards.

This most recent set of appointments continues a golden year for Professor Floridi. Earlier this year he was appointed to advisory bodies on technology ethics for the EU Commission and the UK Parliament, in addition to receiving the 2018 Thinker Award from IBM.

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