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01st June 2020

Professor Fodor honoured by the Academy of Medical Sciences

Professor of Virology and Professorial Fellow in Experimental Pathology Ervin Fodor has been elected a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

The Academy of Medical Sciences is an independent body in the UK representing the diversity of medical science. It recently elected 50 new Fellows, including six from the University of Oxford.

‘My research interests,’ Professor Fodor explains, ‘are centred on viruses, particularly influenza viruses, which are important human and animal pathogens causing widespread clinical and veterinary disease. My group focuses on the fundamental molecular mechanisms of influenza virus replication, aiming to understand the molecular determinants of host range and virulence of influenza viruses. By gaining further insights into the molecular aspects of influenza virus replication we hope to facilitate the development of novel strategies to combat influenza.’

His research is now focusing on ways to disrupt the spread of COVID-19: ‘Our lab is working with several academic and industrial collaborators to assess existing antivirals for their potential to inhibit the SARS-CoV-2 polymerase, essentially shutting down the virus’s ability to self-replicate. Our work will allow us to identify new candidates in this effort and aid the development of SARS-CoV-2 reagents. We’re currently gearing up to test a collection of polymerase inhibitor candidates on site.’

The Academy of Medical Sciences is working to secure a future in which UK and global health is improved by the best research. It aims to ensure that independent, high quality medical science advice informs the decisions that affect society, and more people have a say in the future of health and research.

Professor Sir Robert Lechler PMedSci, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences said, ‘I am delighted to welcome these 50 new Fellows into the Academy’s Fellowship. Each one has made their own outstanding contribution to biomedical science, and together they are advancing the health of our society in the UK and internationally. Their work affects us all, from the way we keep healthy through our lifestyle, to how we are treated if we become ill, to the way we receive information about health.

‘Never has there been a more important time to recognise and celebrate the people behind ground-breaking biomedical and health research, working harder than ever to further knowledge and protect patients and the public.

‘It brings me great pleasure to congratulate the new Fellows, and see our Fellowship grow to even greater heights of evidence-based advice, leadership and expertise.’

For more information about the Academy of Medical Sciences and this year’s elected Fellows, please see the Academy of Medical Sciences website.

You can read more about Professor Fodor’s research here.

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