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29th November 2017

Associate Professor Oreet Ashery wins 2017 Film London Jarman Award

Frame from episode 12 of Revisiting Genesis by Associate Professor Oreet Ashery,

Associate Professor Oreet Ashery, Exeter College’s Director of Studies for Fine Art and Fellow by Special Election, has won the 2017 Film London Jarman Award. She won the prestigious award for UK-based artists working with the moving image for her 12-part, web-based video series, Revisiting Genesis.

The series looks at the modern death industry and follows an artist with cystic fibrosis and a painter who has had cancer, as well as carers, friends and curators.

The Film London Jarman Award recognises and supports the most innovative UK-based artists working with moving image, and celebrates the spirit of experimentation, imagination and innovation in the work of emerging artist filmmakers.

Launched in 2008 and inspired by visionary filmmaker Derek Jarman, the Jarman Award is unique within the industry in offering both financial assistance and the rare opportunity to produce a new moving image work.

Adrian Searle interviewed Oreet Ashery about her work for The Guardian. She told him, ‘I was interested in how people work together, telling stories in a darkened room. Even if no one speaks, that is a story, too.

‘We live in a reality that is increasingly fictional. Genesis is really my story. The death of my brother and of several artists I know all influenced it.’

Anthony Gardner, Head of the Ruskin School of Art , said: ‘We’re thrilled that Oreet’s enormous talent has been recognised with this award, given in honour of one of the UK’s great film-makers to celebrate the next generation of artists using film and moving-image.

‘And like Derek Jarman himself, Oreet is not only a great artist but also a great teacher and mentor, which makes her success with the Jarman Award even more fitting.’

You can watch Revisiting Genesis here.

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