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11th November 2020 Costi Levy (2019, Philosophy and Spanish)

Professor Richard Taylor (1964, PPE) publishes English Radicalism in the 20th Century: A distinctive politics?

English radicalism in the twentieth century: A distinctive politics?, by Exeter alumnus Professor Richard Taylor (1964, PPE), is an analysis of the historical and ideological development of English radicalism from the English Civil War onwards. Whilst England has had a predominantly conservative political culture for some centuries, there is a persistent, minority strand of radicalism that has challenged the practices, beliefs and structures of power of the established order. In his book, Professor Taylor explores this ‘radical tradition’ as articulated in the twentieth century. He considers what has constituted this tradition and how these ideas and practices relate to radical politics in England in the early twenty-first century.

‘An invaluable way to help us understand the past and thereby guide to us a better future’ (Ed Miliband, MP), English radicalism in the twentieth century: A distinctive politics? was published by the MUP in September 2020 and is available for purchase here.

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