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14th January 2022 Costi Levy (2019, Philosophy and Spanish)

Rachel Fraser awarded Marc Sanders Prize for work in epistemology

Dr Rachel Fraser, Associate Professor and Tutorial Fellow in Philosophy at Exeter College has won the prestigious Marc Sanders Prize in Epistemology for her work.

Dr Fraser was awarded the Prize for her paper, The Will in Belief, which addresses a puzzle about dogmatism, that is, refusing to change one’s belief even in the face of evidence that it is false. Her paper provides a novel solution to the puzzle and motivates a boldly revisionary conception of belief: one on which belief involves the will.

The Prize was awarded by the Marc Sanders Foundation, who organise biennial essay competitions open to scholars who are within fifteen years of receiving a PhD. The award of $5,000, and the subsequent publication of Dr Fraser’s winning paper in Oxford Studies in Epistemology, is a celebration of her original research in the field.

‘I’m truly delighted to have won the prize for my paper’, writes Dr Fraser.

Exeter College congratulates Dr Fraser on her success. Further information about the prize, and the winning paper, is available here.

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