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03rd November 2023

Ravi Takhar (1984, Jurisprudence) publishes new guide to banking

This month, De Gruyter will publish How to Build a Bank: A Guide to Key Bank Regulations, the Licence Application Process and Bank Risk Management by Exeter alumnus Ravi Takhar (1984, Jurisprudence). Ravi Takhar is the CEO and founder of the Orchard Funding Group PLC, which is listed with the London Stock Exchange. He has previously served as Head of Financial Services at Nikko, Chairman of Mortgages PLC, Head of Mortgage Principal Finance at Investec Bank PLC, and Chairman and Head Risk Officer at Urban Exposure PLC.

An unprecedented contribution to the study of banking, How to Build a Bank outlines all the requirements for the core documentation needed to operate a bank. It also provides examples of such documentation, and details needed to complete it.  The book thus simplifies a very complex area of regulatory and banking laws and rules to enable a better understanding of the banking sector.

CEO of DF Capital Bank Carl D’Ammassa wrote about the new guide, “Those who have looked to obtain a banking license will know it’s not an easy task and has many twists and turns. What Ravi has achieved here is the manual for anyone wanting to take on the authorisation challenge. Covering all the bases from start to end, brilliantly written and easy to understand, How to Build A Bank is the ultimate guide.”

Since his graduation, Ravi Takhar has been an active member of the Exeter College community. In 2018, he sat on a panel at an “Exepreneurs” event, sharing his insights into the world of business with Exeter students. The College congratulates Ravi on this latest achievement.

How to Build a Bank is available to pre-order here.

How to Build a Bank cover

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