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02nd October 2013

Rector visits Canada and California

The Rector and Tessa Stanley Price, Campaign Gifts Manager, visited Toronto, Saskatoon, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles in September to meet Old Members, toast the College’s 700th anniversary and bring news of the Exeter Excelling Campaign’s progress.

Events were held in Toronto and Seattle (photos available) thanks to the generosity of David Fraser (1970, OU Diploma), David Goldbloom (1975, Physiological Sciences) and Gregory Hicks (1972, Jurisprudence).

The Rector and Tessa also visited a floret from the College Chapel, removed during the renovations in 2008 and now proudly installed in St John’s Cathedral, Saskatoon, thanks to the efforts of Robert Sider (1956, Theology) and his wife Lura Mae.

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