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13th September 2023

Roger Bird (1991, PPE) publishes new comedy-fantasy novel

Exeter College alumnus Roger Bird (1991, PPE) explores what would happen if there was an election with no rules, and also if that election took place in a fantastical alternate dimension, in a new comedy-fantasy novel. Roger Bird was formerly a Chief Financial Officer in the technology and education sectors. He has also worked as an auditor, university lecturer, elected councillor, General Secretary of a national political party, and singer on the West End Stage.

Vote Vampire takes place in the tourist city of Carceron, where the frontrunner for Archmayor is the terrifying vampire Mercedes. Roger was inspired by roleplaying games, and a number of characters in his novel are derived from roleplaying characters that he has played over the years.

The book is published by Troubador Publishing and will be released on 28 September. Learn more about Vote Vampire here.

Vote Vampire

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