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12th March 2013

Scott Mills speaks to Exeter students

Article by Nicholas Georgiou (2011, English)

Soon after Exeter College hoisted the rainbow flag for the first time in its history to mark the final day of LGBTQ history month, popular BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills came to talk to students about his highly-commended BBC documentary ‘The World’s Worst Place to be Gay’, which aired in February 2011, and brought to public attention the violent persecution LGBTQ people face in Uganda. Scott received the invitation to speak from Exeter’s LGBTQ community in August last year, and the much-anticipated event finally took place last Thursday.

Mills was treated to a formal dinner in hall with several Exeter undergraduates, before being taken to the Mary Ogilvie Lecture Theatre at Saint Anne’s College to deliver the speech. The event was very well attended, with students from Exeter, Saint Anne’s, and across the University coming to listen and ask questions about Mr Mill’s experiences both in Uganda, and at the BBC. He spoke about attitudes towards homosexuality culturally, and in Ugandan parliamentary legislation, and described the inordinate power and influence church pastors wield in the country.

Scott Mills intelligently noted that this hatred is not inherent, and that the brutality comes as a result of ‘top-down indoctrination’. He gave time for many insightful questions towards the end, and thanked Exeter’s LGBTQ community for the opportunity to speak at the University.

Scott Mills addresses students

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