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03rd March 2006 Mawuli Ladzekpo

Shadow Education Secretary addresses Exeter students

David Willetts MP, the Shadow Education Secretary, visited the Rector’s Lodgings on Wednesday March 1st. The visit was particularly well-timed given that just a day earlier the Government’s controversial education bill was published. He described the bill as “a step in the right direction” and pledged to support the Government as long as it remained so.

During his speech, Mr Willetts was candid about the challenges facing the Conservative party and expressed his confidence in the David Cameron’s leadership. He also reminisced about days as an Oxford student, where he developed a fascination for free market economics that ultimately led him into the world of politics.

Towards the end of his visit, Mr Willetts showed exactly why he is known around Westminster as ‘Two Brains’, answering his audience’s questions on a wide range of topics, from early years learning to American politics, in remarkable detail.

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