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10th February 2010

“Simply superb” examination of international relations published by Exonian

Martin Sieff (1969, Modern History) has drawn on an illustrious career in US journalism as a foreign correspondent to write Shifting Superpowers: the New and Emerging Relationship between the United States, China and India, an examination of the U.S.-China-India relationship.

“Americans must wake up to the reality that they will have to deal with China and India as equals,” argues Sieff, “both need to be respected and understood on their own vast and complex terms… [but] the history of U.S. engagement with both nations is replete with examples of excessive hostility and demonizing on the one hand, and naive, uncritical romanticism on the other.”

From national security, human rights, and energy resources, to military build-ups and global warming, Sieff offers a fascinating insight into this new world. Shifting Superpowers also examines the consequences of U.S. misconceptions about China and India. It analyses their historical and current dealings and conflicts, and their increasingly convergent goals. Described as “shrewd and innovative”, Shifting Superpowers aims to chart a realistic trajectory for achieving “a prosperous, confident, free-trading 21st-century America, buttressed by wise and lasting strategic relationships.”

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