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25th July 2017

Stanley Johnson publishes Kompromat

Exeter alumnus publishes his 10th novel.

Kompromat by stanley johnson poster

The 10th novel from Stanley Johnson (1959, English), Kompromat, has been published by Point Blank.

Kompromat is a satirical thriller that tells the story of 2016’s seismic and unexpected political events on both sides of the Atlantic. A referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, a country in shock and worried about its future, an unlikely – some would say unelectable – presidential candidate whose momentum somehow keeps increasing, and a Russian president who wants to destabilise the west – Kompromat is a fast-paced thriller from a British and European political insider.

‘It is a perfective time to publish,’ Mr Johnson told the Camden New Journal. ‘Obviously, I’m not trying to play politics with this book. My deep ambition here is just to write a readable book people can take on their summer holidays.’

The novel has been very well received since its release, and Channel 4 has purchased the rights for a six-part television adaptation.

To read Mr Johnson’s interview in the Camden New Journal click here.

To order a copy online click here.

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