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Current students

Students on taught courses will receive an email towards the end of their course inviting them to book a graduation ceremony.

Research students will receive an email inviting them to book a graduation ceremony when they are granted leave to supplicate.

MA graduations and Historic Graduands

‘Historic Graduands’ are those who are not graduating in the same year in which they complete their degree.

MA and historic graduands may apply for a place at a graduation. The graduation dates are:

Saturday 26 February 2022
Saturday 5 March 2022
Saturday 4 June 2022

If you would like to book for one of these graduations please complete the Historics booking form and email it to

If you are allocated a place you will receive an email at least 30 days before the ceremony confirming the date of your ceremony.

If you prefer, you can graduate in absentia at the next available ceremony, and the certificate will be sent to you by post. To book for this, please complete the same form and send it to

There is a charge of £60 for MA degrees only (not BA, M Sc, MPhil, DPhil etc). Details of how to make this payment will be sent to you as part of the email confirming receipt of your booking form. Payment must be received before you can be booked into a graduation ceremony.

Degree Certificates

If you have already attended a graduation ceremony or graduated in absentia and would like another copy of your degree certificate, please see for an order form.


Graduation photographs are taken by Studio8. If you have any queries, including asking for copies of previous ceremonies, please contact them directly.