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Current students

Students on taught courses will receive an email towards the end of their course inviting them to book a graduation ceremony.

Research students will receive an email inviting them to book a graduation ceremony when they are granted leave to supplicate.

MA graduations and Historic Graduands

‘Historic Graduands’ are those who are not graduating in the same year in which they complete their degree.

MA and historic graduands may apply for a place at a graduation. If you would like to book for one of these graduations please complete the Historics booking form and email it to

If you are allocated a place you will receive an email at least 30 days before the ceremony confirming the date of your ceremony.

If you prefer, you can graduate in absentia at the next available ceremony, and the certificate will be sent to you by post. To book for this, please complete the same form and send it to

There is a charge of £100 for MA degrees only (not BA, MSc, MPhil, DPhil etc). Details of how to make this payment will be sent to you as part of the email confirming receipt of your booking form. Payment must be received before you can be booked into a graduation ceremony.

Degree Certificates

If you have already attended a graduation ceremony or graduated in absentia and would like another copy of your degree certificate, please see for an order form.

If you would like a copy of your Academic transcript, please see

If you are having trouble with the eDocuments site, first please check that the service is available at If you are still having difficulty, the eDocuments Help and FAQ page can be accessed at


Graduation photographs are taken by Studio8. If you have any queries, including asking for copies of previous ceremonies, please contact them directly.

Degree Ceremony Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I book a degree ceremony?

A: Students in the final year of their degree (or who have received Leave to Supplicate for a research degree) will receive an email from the central University Degree Conferrals Office, inviting them to book a degree ceremony. Historic graduands – anyone wishing to graduate more than a year after they have finished – must fill in a graduation application form and return it to the Academic Office.

Q: When should I book a degree ceremony?

A: Undergraduate finalists and Taught Postgraduate students in their final year of study receive an email from the Degree Conferrals Office at the end of November (Michaelmas Term) inviting them to book a degree ceremony. Postgraduate Research Students will be invited to book a degree ceremony when they receive their results or when they are granted Leave to Supplicate. Historic students can ask to be put on a waiting list to graduate when a place becomes available.

Q: How many guest tickets to the degree ceremony can I have?

A: Each graduand is automatically allocated two guest tickets to the degree ceremony. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of the venue, the University cannot offer more than two guest tickets per graduand for the Sheldonian Theatre. Guests who are unable to attend in person will be able to watch the ceremony live via the University’s streaming service.

Q: I would like more than two guest tickets to the degree ceremony. Is that possible?

A: The University guarantees two tickets per graduand for the degree ceremony. It is highly unlikely that any additional tickets will be available as it depends on other Exeter graduands not taking their full allocation. However, when you receive your graduation information pack about two months before your scheduled degree ceremony, you may ask to be added to a waiting list for any additional tickets which may become available. There is no guarantee that any extra tickets for a degree ceremony will be available. It is important to bear this in mind when inviting guests as entry to the degree ceremony is strictly by ticket only.

Q: Do I pay for guest tickets to the degree ceremony?

A: There is no charge for guest tickets to the degree ceremony. It is not possible to purchase additional guest tickets to the ceremony.

Q: How do I obtain a visa invitation letter for my guests?

A: Katharine Perry in the Academic Office can prepare a visa letter for your guests. Please email her the following information about your guests: names, relationship to you, dates of birth, passport numbers, travel dates, and address while in the UK.

Q: Are children permitted to attend the ceremony?

A: It is recommended that children under the age of seven do not attend the ceremony. Children aged seven and over are welcome to attend the ceremony and will need their own guest ticket.

Q: If I am no longer able to attend the ceremony, how do I cancel my booking?

A: Please contact Katharine Perry as soon as possible if you are unable to attend the ceremony. The names of all those graduating are submitted to the Proctors 60 days before the date of the ceremony. Once your name has been submitted only the Vice-Chancellor can approve a withdrawal (which she will do only in the most exceptional circumstances relating to health and family). If you do not cancel your booking before the deadline of 60 days before the ceremony – and do not attend on the day – your degree will be awarded in absentia and it will not be possible to take your degree in person at a later date.

Q: Can I graduate with two degrees in person at the same degree ceremony?

A: You can take one of the degrees in person, and the other (‘lower’ degree) in absentia.

Q: What should I do if one of my guests requires disabled facilities?

A: The Sheldonian will not reserve spaces, and advises guests who wish to claim seats on the ground floor to arrive a little in advance of the doors opening at approx 30 minutes before the ceremony time. For the Sheldonian there are two public disabled parking spaces on Broad Street. Guests using wheelchairs will be directed by the security staff on the gate to the South Doors facing the Divinity School, where there is a ramp. Once inside the building there is access to the ground floor and a disabled toilet. The corridor is narrow in places; a wheelchair wider than 700 mm would have difficulties. There is an induction loop inside the auditorium.

Q: What do I wear at the degree ceremony?

A: All graduands must wear sub fusc and bring their own mortar board. NB: Failure to meet the regulations of sub fusc may result in graduands being barred from the ceremony.

  • Undergraduate graduands should wear sub fusc and their commoners’ gown when they enter the Sheldonian and then change to the gown of their undergraduate degree.
  • Postgraduate students who do not have a previous degree from Oxford should wear sub fusc with their advanced student gown and then change into the gown of their postgraduate degree.
  • Postgraduate students who do have a previous degree from Oxford should wear sub fusc with the gown from their previous degree and change into the gown for the degree they are receiving. For example, they would wear their BA gown into the Sheldonian and change into their DPhil gown.
  • If a graduand is receiving a lower award in absence at the same ceremony, they must wear the gown from this award when they enter the Sheldonian and then change into the gown of the award they are receiving in person.

Regardless, during the ceremony you will change into the gown and hood of the degree you have just earned. This is the gown that most students need to hire.

Q: Is there a dress code for guests attending the degree ceremony?

A There is no formal dress code. However, most guests dress for a formal occasion.

Q: Where can I find out more about what happens at the Ceremony?

A: For information about the degree ceremony, please see the University of Oxford website. The Dean of Degrees will brief candidates in College before the degree ceremony.

Q: Is there a charge for my degree certificate?

A: There is no charge for your degree certificate.

Q: How do I get my degree certificate?

A: If you are graduating in absentia your degree certificate will be posted to the address you specified when you booked. If you are graduating in person, you will be given your certificate by the Rector in Exeter’s Chapel Ceremony, after the ceremony in the Sheldonian.

Q: I haven’t had my degree conferred yet and I need proof of my degree. What can I do?

A: Information about obtaining a degree confirmation letter (if you have passed your examinations but have not yet had your degree conferred at a ceremony) can be found on the University website.