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Exeter is renowned for its integrated community that spans all year groups – an atmosphere partly fostered by the sporting spirit within the College. College sport can also provide a stepping stone for getting involved in University-wide sports teams.

The College has a great range of facilities including an on-site gym, football and rugby pitches only a short walk from College, and a well equipped boat club for anyone who wants to try rowing. Students also possess a heavily subsidised membership to the University’s excellent sports complex on Iffley Road.

Get involved

Among the many sports currently played at Exeter College are:

  • Men: Football 1sts, Football 2nds, MCR Football, Rugby.
  • Women: Football, Rugby, Netball.
  • Mixed: Lacrosse, Hockey, Netball, Squash, Rowing, Tennis, Pool, Cricket.

All clubs are student-run, meaning that if there is a sport in which you are interested that isn’t currently played at Exeter, you can easily set up a club yourself. For example the College’s women’s rugby team was recently set up shortly after an inspired first year began training with the University team, despite being a complete beginner. Similarly Exeter’s pool society, ECAPS, was set up in 2016 by a group of first years and is already boasting success in cuppers competitions.

All clubs are student-run, meaning that if there is a sport in which you are interested that isn’t currently played at Exeter, you can easily set up a club yourself

Sports facilities

Sports Ground

The Exeter College sports ground is located between University Parks and Marston; click here to view a map. Team captains can book the sports ground with the groundsman. Keys to the sports ground can be collected from the Porters’ Lodge once you have agreed to follow the sports ground protocol regarding the use of the facilities, which is also available from the Lodge.

Boat Club

The Exeter College Boat Club is based on Boathouses Walk, by Christ Church Meadow. The Club has upgraded much of its equipment recently, including launching in May 2016 two new boats made by Filippi, one of the leading manufacturers of boats in the world. There are also rowing machines and other facilities at the Club.

Weights Room and College Gym

Keys for the Weights Room and Gym may be collected from the Porters’ Lodge. Before using these facilities you must be shown how to use the equipment safely; the Steward runs training sessions towards the start of each academic year.

Squash Courts

The Squash Courts are located at the College’s Sports Ground off the Marston Road. To arrange use of the courts please visit the Porters’ Lodge.


From weeks 1 to 9 of Trinity Term Exeter College students can use the College punt at Magdalen Bridge. To reserve use of the punt visit the Porters’ Lodge.


From weeks 0 to 9 of Trinity Term students may play croquet in the Fellows’ Garden from 13:30 hours until 18:00 hours. A £5 deposit is required and returned on the return of the equipment. To borrow the croquet set please visit the Porters’ Lodge.

Find out more

To find out more about sport at Exeter College visit the JCR website or the MCR website, check out the sports noticeboard outside the porters’ lodge, or email or