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02nd June 2017

Summer Eights success for Exeter’s rowers

Exeter College men's rowers bump St Anne's in 2017 Summer Eights

The moment that Exeter’s men’s first crew bumped St Anne’s. Credit: David Murphy¬†@ClinPsychOxford

Exeter’s men’s and women’s crews enjoyed success at the 2017 Summer Eights rowing races.

The women’s first crew narrowly missed out on blades, rowing over on day one and then recording bumps on days two, three and four. They moved from 13th place in the second division up to 10th.

The men’s first crew had a slow start to the week, rowing over and then being bumped on day two. But they showed resilience in days three and four, bumping on both days. In doing so they secured promotion from division three to division two.

Unfortunately the men’s and women’s second crews were not so successful. The men received spoons, losing on successive days to four teams that each secured blades. The women’s second crew began the week well, by bumping St Anthony’s II, but the week ended on a low as they were demoted from the fifth to the sixth division.

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