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Exeter College Summer Programme FAQs: Academics

How many lecture courses can I take?
You take two, comprising 24 lectures (2 x 12) and 12 seminars (2 x 6) and 8 tutorials (2 x 4).

Which classes am I in?
We will confirm your course enrolment by e-mail immediately after you have paid your Programme fee.

How often do my classes meet?
Each course meets on average 4 times per week for a total of c.10hrs/week.

How many contact hours?
Throughout the Programme, you will have a minimum of 61hrs contact teaching and assessment, and 6hr evening lecture series.

Do the subject streams run concurrently?

Do I need to buy books?
The general rule is that you do not need to buy books. However, you should check the course syllabi carefully for any pre-arrival reading.

Can I see the course syllabi?
Yes, these are accessible through our website. If you need to see a syllabus in order to petition for credit, you may have your Study Abroad Department request one from us using by emailing the Programme Director