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Exeter College Summer Programme FAQs: Communications and the Internet

Will I have access to the internet?
Yes. You will be given access to the internet. The Cohen Quadrangle is fully Wi-Fi enabled and has fixed-point internet access in every bedroom, and the Turl Street site is largely Wi-Fi enabled.

Is there a bandwidth limit?
The College allows reasonable internet bandwidth usage, but restrictions will be imposed if we notice high usage outside the realms of what is deemed acceptable.

Can I receive post?
Yes. The postal address is:
Your Name C/O the ECSP, Exeter College, The Cohen Quadrangle, Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HE, UK

Will my mobile phone work in the UK?
We recommend you check with your service provider before travelling if your mobile phone can be used in the UK, but be aware that ‘roaming’ charges can be exceptionally high, especially for data use. An alternative is to buy a phone in the UK with a ‘pay as you go’ tariff. Phones can be purchased inexpensively, and the tariff gives you control over how much you spend. The PA’s can help you do this on arrival in Oxford.