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Exeter College Summer Programme FAQs: Costs and Finance

How much does the Programme cost?
The total Programme Fee is £7,600 (Tuition Fee £4,240 + Accommodation Fee £3,360).

What is included in the Programme fees?
The Programme fee includes all your tuition, accommodation for the duration of the Programme, full meal plan, activities and excursions and membership of Exeter College’s Summer Programme alumni association. Please visit the ‘Fees’ page for more information.

How do I get money in the UK?
We recommend that you bring about £100 cash with you to cover your immediate needs on arrival in the UK and for the first few days.

It is a good idea to bring a credit or debit card with you to draw cash and to pay for major items. Credit and debit cards are accepted almost everywhere in the UK.

American Express and Diner’s Club are less widely used than Visa and MasterCard. Make sure you know your four digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) as you’re likely to be asked to enter it in most stores. We also strongly advise you contact your bank before leaving your home country so that they do not block your card once you arrive and to discuss the most cost effective way of drawing cash and making payments in the UK.

Remember, you will be charged for drawing cash in the UK by banks and card operators.