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Meet Exeter College Summer Programme Students

Rachel from the University of Maryland

The Exeter College Summer Programme was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience.  It was a privilege to meet, study, and work with such a wonderful group of students, professors, and staff from all over the globe.  This community pushed me not only to become a better student, but also to flourish in Oxford’s challenging, engaging, and beautiful environment.

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Katelyn from the University of Maryland

The Exeter College Summer Programme offered a vibrant and collaborative experience that I will never forget. Aside from developing many friendships and being immersed in the city of Oxford, I grew as a scholar through excellent mentorship and instruction from a diverse and engaging group of lecturers, and also benefitted from the merits of a global classroom. I will forever be grateful for the welcoming community at Exeter, and for being able to take part in its many traditions. Floreat Exon!

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Danyu from the University of Hong Kong

The summer at Exeter offered an insider’s perspective on Oxford at its finest. Courses were demanding, intense, yet most rewarding, and routine encounters with the brilliant minds that give this gorgeous city its soul turned the whole experience into pure enjoyment. I was lucky to be left at the end feeling bound to the college and its amazing people, and only more eager to return and carry this journey further on.

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Yuhao from Mercyhurst University

This was six-weeks of world-class authentic Oxford experience! I came across a lot of new and fresh ideas, thoughts and knowledge from instructors and classmates of different education and cultural backgrounds. Various academic and leisure activities, including a Shakespeare play at the Globe Theatre and a game of football at Arsenal FC, have greatly broadened my horizons and helped me revisit and redefine myself. I will always remember this wonderful summer.

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Amy from Harvard University

I would highly recommend the ECSP if you are looking for a summer experience that combines study for credit at a top university, cultural enrichment in a beautiful city, and a diverse group of people. The excellent professors and tutors, and the close-knit lecture-seminar-tutorial style of teaching was the highlight for me. What’s more, there is time on this program for travel and have fun as the Program Ambassadors organise some fantastic activities. Lastly, I found the insight into Oxford University and Exeter College life to be incredibly unique and very valuable.

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Björn from the University of St Andrews

The Exeter College Summer Programme (ECSP) was genuinely fantastic, and I would encourage anyone who wants to broaden their research to apply. It gave me a unique opportunity to experiment with my work among a diverse cohort of enthusiastic, intelligent and international students. The Programme’s wide range of courses encouraged students to look at the intersections between disciplines. Combined with the fact that everyone was from particularly different academic backgrounds, the Programme facilitated a unique space in which medics, engineers, philosophers, lawyers (and literature students like me) could cooperate creatively to produce innovative work. The tutors and lecturers pushed me to clarify my expression, and my confidence in articulating ideas improved significantly. I am particularly grateful for the support and advice I received from everyone on the Programme. I would thoroughly recommend ESCP to any ambitious individuals (including those from the UK!) who want an academically demanding, yet wholeheartedly rewarding summer. I have left the Programme with a bunch of bright friends from all over the globe, and eagerly anticipate seeing where my research takes me next.

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Aditya from Northeastern University

The Exeter College Summer Program has been a life changing experience. Even though it was only 6 weeks I feel like I got way more out of it. Oxford is an amazing place and this summer program helped me gain an unparalleled experience that I would have not been able to get elsewhere. All in all, the program consisted of the right mix of academic and social activities with an emphasis on education. The teaching staff were impressive and the PA’s did a great job of making everyone feel welcome. Living at Cohen Quad felt like living in a hotel!

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