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Exeter College Summer Programme: Visas and Codes of Conduct

Visa and Insurance

Visa Information:

Depending on your nationality, you’ll either have to apply for a visa before you travel to the UK or be able to visit the UK for up to 6 months without needing a visa. Check if you need a visa to visit the UK. You can visit the UK to study on academic courses of up to 6 months as a Standard Visitor. The UK Visa and Immigration website has full details of the Standard Visitor route, including eligibility requirement.

If you require a visa, students on ECSP should therefore apply for a Standard Visitor visa which must be done online no earlier than 3 months before you travel. The Standard Visitor visa costs £115.

Once you have been admitted to ECSP and paid your programme fee, we will send you a Visa Letter. This provides evidence of your reason for travelling to the UK, where you will be staying while in the UK and confirms that you have paid your Programme fee and can therefore be used to support your application for immigration clearance. We recommend you also have with you evidence that you can support yourself during your trip, for example bank statements or payslips for the last 6 months.

If you already hold another type of valid immigration permission, please contact us as you may be able to use this to study on ECSP.

Everyone travelling to the UK is required to have the correct immigration permission to do so. If you arrive in Oxford without the correct immigration clearance to study on ECSP, Exeter will not permit you to start the Programme. It is your responsibly to ensure you have the correct visa clearance to participate in the Exeter College Summer Programme. Immigration rules change, sometimes frequently. Please check the UKVI website for further information; UKVI Visa Check

We strongly advise you to take out adequate insurance prior to travelling to Oxford. The main purpose of travel insurance is to cover you for the potentially high cost of medical treatment and repatriation if you are injured or become ill abroad.

Only emergency medical treatment is provided to non-UK nationals free of charge through the UK National Health Service. ECSP students are therefore strongly advised to obtain their own insurance to adequately cover all international medical and emergency expenses.

Exeter College is a safe and secure environment and both Turl Street and the Cohen Quadrangle are staffed 24/7 for security. However, Turl Street is open to the public at certain times, and Oxford receives large number of tourists in the summer. We therefore recommend your travel insurance also includes cover against loss or damage to your personal belongings while you are traveling to/from the UK and during your stay in the UK.

Privacy, Safety, Emergency and Codes of Conduct

Exeter College’s governing Statues and Bylaws include a wide range of Codes of Conduct, Policies and Procedures, including its disciplinary process, which are adopted for ECSP. These are available online at:

A copy of our Health, Safety and Emergency Protocols, and Codes of Conduct handbook is available here; ECSP Safety, Emergency and Codes of Conduct Handbook

Exeter College is committed to protecting the privacy and security of personal data and a copy of our Privacy Policy is available on the College website.

A copy of our IT Acceptable Use Guide is available here;