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21st March 2024

Supernumerary Fellow Professor Charles Foster features in ‘Life and Other Problems’ documentary

Exeter College Supernumerary Fellow Professor Charles Foster features prominently in a philosophical documentary feature film, Life and Other Problems, which has just premiered at the CPH:DOX Film Festival in Copenhagen.

Life and Other Problems, directed by Max Kestner, will compete for CPH:DOX Film Festival’s main prize, the DOX:AWARD. Speaking ahead of the premiere, Niklas Engstrøm, artistic director for CPH:DOX, said: ‘Life and Other Problems is an eternally relevant story about the value of life and the quest to make sense of one’s own — and all of our — existence. With his new film, Max Kestner has created a deeply personal tour de force through the scientific answers to what we know about life, fir trees, animal rights activists, and just how much imagination a Chinese giant salamander really has. It has become nothing short of a fantastic film that challenges our worldview, stimulates both the mind and the funny bone, and leaves one wiser and almost euphoric — about life, if you will.’

Professor Foster, whose books include Being Human, Being a Beast, and Cry of the Wild, appears in the movie in a number of places, talking about sustainability, animal and human consciousness, and about what the interior lives of wolves and killer whales might be.

You can watch the film trailer below or on YouTube.

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