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10th May 2010

Tariq Ali concludes his lauded Islam Quintet series

Tariq Ali (1963, PPE) has recently published a new work Night of the Golden Butterfly, which concludes his much-praised Islam Quintet series.

Completing an epic panorama that began in fifteenth-century Moorish Spain, the latest novel moves between the cities of the 21st century. The reader is taken from Lahore to London, from Paris to Beijing, and introduced to characters from New York music critics to Islamabad housewives – as well as Theres Jindie, the Golden Butterfly of the title, and the narrator’s first love.

The Islam Quintet has already been translated into more than a dozen languages, and Night of the Golden Butterfly looks set to continue this success, with the New Statesman calling Ali “[Pakistan’s] finest historian and critic” and the Daily Mail praising this “humdinger of a book, full of energy, intelligence and bite”.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the author may like to read the recent article published in the Guardian , in which he discusses his life and work, including his politics, early life (including his time at Exeter) and the experiences which have influenced his writing.

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