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15th March 2016

Teaching notes of Rector John Prideaux digitised by the Bod

The Bodleian Library has digitised the teaching notes of one of Exeter’s most remarkable and influential rectors, John Prideaux.

Prideaux, the fourth son of a farmer, walked from Devon to take up his place at Exeter College in 1596 and worked in the College buttery throughout his undergraduate degree to pay for his education. Within five years he was a Fellow of the College, and in 1612 he became Rector.

He was greatly admired for his scholarship and teaching skills. Now, 400 years later, members of the public can view his extensive teaching notes and get a detailed insight into teaching subjects and methods in the early 17th century.

This is the first Exeter manuscript to be digitised by the Bodleian, and it is hoped that many more will follow.


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