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16th February 2021 Costi Levy (2019, Philosophy and Spanish)

The Constitutional Balance by the late Sir John Laws published posthumously

The late Sir John Laws leaves a vivid and timely commentary on one of the most pressing issues in the legal world today, The Constitutional Balance, reports Costi Levy

The Constitutional Balance, by the late Sir John Laws, Exeter alumnus (1963, Literae Humaniores) and Honorary Fellow of Exeter College, was published in January 2021, ten months after he passed away.

‘The meeting of Parliament and the common law, in the crucible of statutory interpretation, is close to the core of [the constitutional balance]’, Sir John writes. In his book, he engages with the continuing debate as to whether or not judges venture too far into issues of Government policy, and whether or not there are any limits on the power of the executive and the legislature to propose and enact legislation that unduly restricts fundamental freedoms in a democratic society subject to the rule of law. Sir John explores the way in which a ‘constitutional balance’ can be found between key state institutions such as the executive and the judiciary.

Sir John was president of the Administrative Bar Association, as well as the Bar European Group, and drew on his life-long experience as a barrister, judge and academic to write this vibrant and engaging book.

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