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20th June 2006

The Oxford Tolkien Conference

You are warmly invited to join world experts at Exeter College, where Tolkien was an undergraduate, to learn more about his inspiration and extraordinary achievements. The College plays host to a week of seminars and papers given by leading international specialists on Tolkien’s Exeter years, the influence of the Great War, the healing power of his narrative, its relevance to religious studies, the author’s friendship with French theologian Louis Bouyer, Tolkien and the English Language, Tolkien and Vico and more.

Speakers include Alison Milbank, Verlyn Flieger, John Garth, Marcel Bülles, Christina Scull, Stratford Caldecott, Robert Lazu, Marek Oziewicz, Patrick Curry and Wayne G. Hammond. Accommodation in Tolkien’s own college is offered at a reasonable price, with full catering served in Exeter College’s early seventeenth-century Dining Hall — all right in the heart of Oxford.

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