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25th March 2021

Vaxxers: Professor Cath Green and Professor Sarah Gilbert to publish story of the Oxford vaccine

Exeter College Senior Research Fellow Professor Cath Green has co-authored a book about the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, Vaxxers.

Professor Green, an Associate Professor at Oxford’s Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, played a leading role developing the Oxford vaccine, along with Professor Gilbert, Professor of Vaccinology in the Nuffield Department of Medicine. Together they have written Vaxxers, the story of the Oxford vaccine’s creation, its makers and how science will ultimately beat Covid-19.

On 1 January 2020, Professor Gilbert read an article about four people in China with a strange pneumonia. Within two weeks she had designed a vaccine against a pathogen that no one had ever seen before. Professor Green later set about developing the vaccine, leading the efforts by the Clinical BioManufacturing Facility in Oxford to begin its production. Within a year, the Oxford vaccine had been shown to be over 70% effective, and the vaccine is now being rolled out across the world to save millions of lives.

In Vaxxers, we hear directly from Professor Green and Professor Gilbert as they reveal the inside story of making the Oxford vaccine and the cutting-edge science behind it. This is their story of trying to fight a pandemic as ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. Professor Green and Professor Gilbert share the critical moments; they separate fact from fiction; they explain how they made a safe vaccine in record time with the eyes of the world watching; and they give us hope for the future.

Vaxxers is published by Hodder and Stoughton and will be available from 8 July.

To find out more about this exciting book visit Hodder and Stoughton’s website.

Read more about Professor Cath Green’s groundbreaking work helping deliver the Covid-19 vaccine.

To find out more about the vaccine from the University of Oxford click here. You can also hear Professor Green talk about the development of the vaccine in the BBC Panorama episode, The Race for a Vaccine, available to watch in the UK on iPlayer or read Professor Green’s comments on the BBC website.

Book cover Vaxxers by Catherine Green and Sarah Gilbert

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