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25th February 2010

Victory and defeat at Varsity fencing

Readers may have seen the news that three Exeter students would be earning Blues in the Varsity Fencing match last month. There was victory and defeat in store for the Oxford teams, as both the second teams, and the Women’s Blues, lost to the Cambridge side.

However, Oxford clinched triumph in the Men’s Blues, thanks to a thrilling final, in which Matt Baker (2005, Life Sciences Interface) battled to victory for the Oxford team. A video of the final tense five minutes of the match is available¬†here¬†– battling from 15 hits down, Matt needed to win by at least 15, and the atmosphere in the Exam Schools was at fever-pitch on both sides.

Matt is a 4th year DPhil student, and this was his last eligible Varsity Match. Congratulations to him on finishing on such a high note.

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