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17th March 2020

Visiting Fellow named Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University

Exeter College Visiting Fellow Professor Alexander Bird has been named as the next Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy at Cambridge University.

The Russell Professorship was created in 1896 and is a highly respected position. It is currently held by Huw Price. The previous Russell Professors were Simon Blackburn, D. H. Mellor, Elizabeth Anscombe, John Wisdom, G. H. von Wright, Ludwig Wittgenstein, G. E. Moore, and James Ward.

Professor Bird is currently the Peter Sowerby Professor of Philosophy and Medicine at King’s College, London and an associate member of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University. He works in philosophy of science, the philosophy and history of medicine, metaphysics, and epistemology. His new book, Knowing Science, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press.

Professor Bird will be taking up his new position in time for the 2020 academic year.


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