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03rd November 2023

Visiting Fellow Nicolás Espejo-Yaksic to hold book launch at Wadham College

Visiting Fellow Nicolás Espejo-Yaksic has recently co-edited, alongside Michael Bach, a new collection entitled Legal Capacity, Disability and Human Rights. Nicolás Espejo-Yaksic is a Senior Researcher at the Centre for Constitutional Studies of the Supreme Court of Mexico. He is a Corresponding Member of the Cambridge Family Law Centre, and has been an advisor to the United Nations in children’s rights.

Legal Capacity, Disability and Human Rights is an imperative contribution to the growing body of work on disability law since the adoption of Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, which recognises the equal right to exercise legal capacity without discrimination based on disability. The book comprises chapters by key legal scholars and practitioners in the field of legal capacity, disability and human rights from around the world. The book aims to explore the historical evolution, theoretical constructs, and institutional features of legal capacity within comparative legal systems. The authors expose what is at stake and seek to provide guidance for justified proportional responses in respecting autonomy while protecting the vulnerable from harm.

The book contains a foreword from the Supreme Court of Justice of Mexico.

A book launch will be held at Wadham College on 13 November from 2 to 4PM. Commentary will be provided by a number of legal scholars, including Nicolás Espejo-Yaksic himself, and Exeter fellows Professor Jonathan Herring and Dr Heloise Robinson.

Learn more and book tickets for the event here.

Legal Capacity, Disability, and Human Rights cover

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