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16th December 2010

Young alumni at heart of research into Brown Premiership

Old Members Michael Coombes (2005, PPE), and Stephen Carolin (2007, PPE) have been working at the core of a research team writing a book on Gordon Brown’s Premiership. Brown at 10: the Downing Street Story, by Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge, offers a behind-the-scenes account of British politics between 2007-2010, meticulously sourced through some 200 interviews with figures at the heart of Brown’s premiership. It looks at how history will judge Brown’s time as Prime Minister as well as at contemporary assessments of his performance.

Working throughout the summer on interviews with politicians, special advisers, civil servants, political strategists, army generals, and journalists, Stephen and Mike gained an incomparable insight into the Brown premiership and the machinations of politics, in addition to better understanding the process of researching and writing a book of contemporary history from start to finish.

“This book digs deeper into the psychology of Brown’s premiership – reconstructing and exploring the behind-the-scenes arguments first, and leaving a primary source for future historians of the period,” said Mike. “This approach to contemporary history does not seek to let Brown off the hook, but rather to offer a penetrating account of analytical utility… the book offers the fullest behind-the-scenes account of the extraordinary British response to global financial meltdown.”

Stephen added, “It has been so exciting to work with two people of the standing of Anthony Seldon and Guy Lodge, to discuss Brown’s three years in Number 10 with those who were there with him.”

Brown at 10: the Downing Street Story was published in November.

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