Accessing the Internet

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Internet throughout Exeter College, and it's accommodation is provided via a number wireless network services, including Eduroam and OWL which can also be found and utilised throughout the Oxford University. You will need to register for a Remote Access Account to use either of the systems, and each is configured and functions differently.

Information on the Remote Access Account and how to register are available at the Oxford University IT Services page detailed below.

Remote Access Account -

In certain situations, Eduroam or OWL may not prove suitable for your technology or requirements, in these specific cases please contact the Computing Team to discuss your options, via


Eduroam is the principle wireless network in Oxford. It is an international system that allows users to obtain Internet Connectivity within Oxford University departments and Colleges, and other participating institutions using the Remote Services Account details. If you're a member of the Oxford University, and Eduroam is available, we would strongly advise making use of this network as opposed to others, due to the continued ease of access, as well as the stability and speed of the network itself.

Further information on Eduroam can be found via the following Oxford University IT Services page.

Eduroam -

The process for connecting to Eduroam is fairly straightforward, but the steps to configure the connection can differ per device. Please see the relevant instruction pages on how to connect to Eduroam.

How to connect to Eduroam - Windows 7, 8.1 & 10

How to connect to Eduroam - Apple macOS

How to connect to Eduroam - Android

How to connect to Eduroam - Apple iOS

How to connect to Eduroam - Windows 10 Mobile

How to connect to Eduroam - Other Systems and Devices (Oxford University IT Services webpage)

You can also use the 'Eduroam Configuration Tool', provided by Eduroam on the following website 


OWL is a wireless service for both University members and Visitors, which is provided throughout the Collegiate University.

Oxford University members will need to make use of a correctly configured VPN client, and their Remote Access Account details to achieve a connection, and as such Eduroam, due to its simplicity, should be the preferred form of connection. Visitors and Non-University Residents will need to obtain Visitor Login credentials, via the College Lodge or their Organising Party.

Further information on OWL, and the Oxford University VPN Service can be found at the following pages. The pages include instructions on downloading, installing, and using the Oxford University pre-configured Cisco AnyConnect VPN client, or how to configue a VPN client that may already installed on your device.


Oxford University VPN Service -